Sandy Galef

95th District
New York State

Sandy Galef is Assemblywoman for the 95th District of New York State

"I am working to keep your hard earned tax dollars right where they belong — in your pocket."

Dear Voter,

It is hard to believe that two years went by so quickly, and it is time to campaign for re-election to the New York State Assembly.

The past two years have been very productive ones. I feel that we have accomplished a great deal for New Yorkers by making New York more competitive with other states as well as dealing effectively with the budget deficits we have faced during the economic downturn. The future looks positive as we start to have budget surpluses again.

Tax policies in New York have been high on my agenda for change, especially in my position as Chair of the Assembly Real Property Taxation Committee. This year the Governor included in his budget my concept of a property circuit breaker program to help residents with their tax burdens. I also believe that the property tax cap has worked well to limit the growth in spending after many years of unbridled tax increases.

As you know, legislation takes stamina to get passed and I have been promoting many legislative reforms as well as laws to provide for the health and welfare of our residents, including the improvement of boat safety on our waterways. I had a number of legislative victories, including four years of on-time state budgets. There will be two Constitutional Amendments on the ballot this fall: establishing an independent statewide redistricting commission and bringing technology to the Legislative Chambers. Both are legislative items that I introduced and championed for years.

I plan to continue to be a strong advocate for reforming our election laws, developing a new public system to fund political campaigns, and strengthen our ethics and sexual harassment policies. We have experienced too many abuses and ethical problems within our state legislature. I will not give up until changes are made to produce a more effective legislature; one that does not bring negative attention to the Capitol and its important work.

As I look ahead, the next two years should be good ones. I hope to be able to continue to work on your behalf and fight for the issues that are important to us all.

I ask for your support and vote on Election Day.

Most sincerely,
Sandy Galef

New York State is putting its fiscal house in order. Here's how we are doing it:

  • Four years of no budget deficits by downsizing state government and consolidating agencies.
  • Cutting the tax rate for 99% of New Yorkers for the first time in 58 years.
  • Adopting a tax cap of 2% for all municipalities and schools, and our state budget stayed within the tax cap.
  • Freezing local and school taxes for next two years
  • Increased aid to our schools by $2.9 billion in the last three years, including an all-time record of an increase of $1.1 billion in the 2014–2015 school years.
  • Cut the 4% sales tax on clothing, made investments in several key job-creation programs.
  • Adopted major mandate reforms with the takeover of Medicaid Administration from counties — saving $1.2 billion in 5 years, and a new pension system.
  • A tax credit of $350 for New York families with children under 17

Yes, we have accomplished so much, but we have more to do. I want to continue to represent you in the Assembly. By working together in a bi-partisan way with the Senate and the Governor, we will keep the momentum going.

2014 Endorsements of Sandy Galef’s Re-election.

  • Yonkers Federation of Teachers
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee
  • Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
  • New York League of Conservation Voters
  • WCLA - Choice Matters
  • Sierra Club - Lower Hudson
  • Planned Parenthood Advocates of NY
  • New York State United Teachers
  • Building and Construction Trades Council of Westchester and Putnam Counties
  • NARAL Pro Choice New York
  • Empire State Pride Agenda
  • NY Public Employees Federation
  • 32BJ SEIU
  • 1199 SEIU