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Breaking News:
Assemblywoman Sandra Galef defeated Kim Izzarelli in 95th Assembly District by a comfortable margin.
Thanks to all who helped make it possible!

Breaking news: Galef endorsed by The Journal News and The Examiner

With your support, Sandy Galef can finish the job she's been doing since she came to Albany:

  • Lower property taxes
  • Increase aid to schools
  • Lower the cost of government

2012 Endorsements

Sandy Galef endorsed by Sierra Club   New York League of Conservation voters endorses Galef


Galef was endorsed by:

The Journal News

The choice for district voters, however, could not be any clearer: return one of the good ones — Galef — to Albany.

The Examiner

Galef works hard for her district, is a full-time legislator and engages interested residents in much of her decision-making. What more can voters expect from an elected official? Not much, which makes recommending Galef to another two-year term in the Assembly an easy task.

endorsed by Affiliated Police
Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester County Inc.

PBA of New York State

Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association, Inc.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York

NARAL-Pro-Choice New York

Endorsed by WCLA:
Choice matters.

New Yorkers for Better Libraries 2012 Voter's Guide: Assembly Score A

Public Employees Federation

2010 Press Endorsements

"She is the ideal candidate to gather interested parties together to act on consolidation...We admire her leadership"

North County News

[O]ne of the most principled members of the Assembly...Galef's hard work to push local government toward consolidation of services is finally bearing fruit."

The Journal News

"Galef has been pushing for reforms..."

Yorktown Examiner

"I am working to keep your hard earned tax dollars right where they belong — in your pocket."

Dear Voter,

Working in the State Assembly with Governor Cuomo these past two years has been an incredible experience. I am so energized by our accomplishments in reducing taxes and reforming Albany that I am eager to start my campaign for re-election.

As I travel throughout my Assembly District, I hear so many good comments about our work in the state capitol and the fact that we are getting things done for the people of New York. I am running for re-election to continue this important work in reducing our property taxes and state income taxes, streamlining our state government to make it even more efficient, and enancing the climate for greater business and job opportunities.

As always, I want you to feel just as involved as I am in making our state the best place to live and work and I greatly appreciate your suggestions for change.

I ask for your support on election Day 2012. I pledge to continue to work hard for you in the New York State Assembly and to be your strong advocate for positive changes impacting us all.

Most sincerely,


New York State is putting its fiscal house in order. Here’s how we are doing it:

  • Two years of no budget deficits by downsizing state government and consolidating agencies.
  • Cutting the tax rate for 99% of New Yorkers for the first time in 58 years.
  • Adopting a tax cap of 2% for all municipalities and schools, and our state budget stayed within the tax cap.
  • Increased aid to our schools by $805 million, cut the 4% sales tax on clothing, made investments in several key job-creation programs.
  • Adopted major mandate reforms with the takeover of Medicaid Administration from counties — saving $1.2 billion in 5 years, and a new pension system-saving Putnam taxpayer $371 million over 30 years.

New York is moving forward. But don't just take my word for it. Recently the US Chamber of Commerce ranked New York in the top 10 states for economic performance — an 11 spot boost since last year.

Yes, we have accomplished so much, but we have more to do. I want to continue to represent you in the Assembly. By working together in a bi-partisan way with the Senate and Governor Cuomo, we will keep the momentum going.

Watch the most recent debate between Sandy and her challenger >>>

Watch the first debate between Sandy and her challenger >>>

Debate Schedule

Thursday, October 4 at 8 pm To be taped in Pleasantville
Moderated by The Examiner

Monday, October 22 7 pm at Haldane High School.
Moderated by Putnam County News and Recorder

Monday, October 29 7 pm Ossining Community Center
Moderated by Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce