Leadership In A Time of Crisis

While our region is facing the unprecedented challenge of dealing with the health, societal, and economic impacts from the Coronavirus, we in Albany need to continue passing legislation aimed at impacting the most vulnerable to this virus’ consequences.

Protecting Your Investment

  • We love where we all call home – that is why I am fighting to lower middle class property taxes so we can all thrive in our community.
    • I have long advocated to preserve for your STAR rebate check each year from Albany. You chose to invest here in our community and it’s on us to keep our end of the bargain.
    • As Indian Point leaves our backyard, it is imperative that we have someone in Albany who will continue to fight for jobs for displaced workers who have made a commitment to our community.

Investing In Our Future

We need a fighter with a proven record of working to alleviate the stress on our budgets and our educators, while understanding the impact on your wallets, to ensure a brighter future for our children.

Protecting Our Environment

  • I am proud to be a sponsor of the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act which will result in our State’s unprecedented efforts to reduce greenhouse gases in the fight against Climate Change.
    • With Indian Point in our backyard, it is essential we have someone in Albany advocating for us. I have worked tirelessly to hold Indian Point’s ownership accountable - and that won’t change no matter who is in charge during the decommissioning process.

Expanding Access to the Polls

New York now has early voting, allowance for absentee ballot voting related to COVID 19, 16-17 year olds can pre-register, when you move within New York State your registration automatically updates, added clarification for postmark on absentee ballot, allowance of electronic applications for absentee ballots, all thanks to the work of the Governor and Democratic majority in Albany. I will always continue to fight for stronger access to the polls.